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May 1st, 2013

I am sad. I am sitting at the Greyhound bus station in Calgary and said my goodbyes to the people I worked and lived with for the past six months just a couple of hours ago. It’s amazing how fast colleagues can turn into friends when you are stuck with each other for a gazillion hours a day. Yesterday, my colleague invited us over for yet another awesome “Salmon at Sally’s” dinner. Melody, our barn manager was there too and had even brought a goodbye gift for me and a nice card that almost had me cry. That’s one for the scrapbook too! Jess, my roommie and second half with whom I shared a room, a bed, a lot of hilarious moments and good conversations, decided – despite her lactose-intolerancy – to shove down a piece of chocolate pie and consequently felt sick 2 minutes after :-). Sally, after having cooked an amazing dinner, even packed me a lunch for on the bus, including a pile of chocolate that’ll probably last me 2 months ;-). A couple of weeks earlier, I had already said goodbye to Lacey and Jade. Lacey, thanks for just being you, you are such a strong, sweet countrygirl! Never change! And Jade, thanks for the nice talks about travelling and working with horses at the same time. You definitely inspired me! Of course, I also had a last cuddle with Nora, the Big Soft Donkey. You are a pain in the ass, but also a remarkable horse: honest, foregiving and with a lot of heart! Last week, I was counting down the days. But these last days, I desperately tried to hold on. Wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet. The law called though and it was really nice that I got to groom at Spruce Meadows with Jess for my last weekend. Springbank Stables: you guys taught me how to professionally care for show horses, allowed my to experience California, but more importantly taught me a lot about life again.
It’ll probably take me a while to get into the travelling mood again, but I had a good start already. When making converstion with my cab driver, I discovered that he is an Iraqee refugee, who - after making a living in his own country as a pilot - is driving a cab out here, but still trying to make the best of it and gaining hope out of the academic careers his children are pursuing. That’s what travel is all about: meeting interesting people who touch your heart!

June 1st, 2013

Travelling does strange things to a person: in just a matter of days you can go from feeling utterly alone and lost to feeling loved and welcome. From the moment I hugged Diane when she was picking me up at the bus station in Nordegg, I felt like I had come home and had never been away! We’ve had a nice and busy month filled with playing with horses – and not getting dumped, yet –, exploring the nature trails of Siffleur Falls and Corral Creek, spending the weekend at a local rodeo and spending another weekend helping out at the Cowboy Festival at the David Thompson Resort. In between there were wildfires with evacuations, wildlife sightings (moose, grizzly, black bear, eagle, sheep, a couple of hundred deer and the wild horses) and some serious yard cleaning. More about all of this in my next blog!

June 2nd, 2013

Edit: I think I jinxed it yesterday: just fell off. At least the scenery was good ;-).


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